Friday, September 1, 2017

Wisdom from the Road #55

On hitching a ride
Not all hitchhikers are evil.
Not all drivers who stop for hitchhikers are evil.
If you believe otherwise, please stop watching horror movies.

2012. My friend and I went to a sleepy part of Medellin and did not ask the habalhabal driver to wait for us. When it was time to head back, we found ourselves walking half a kilometer to a dusty road where we saw some trucks passing by. We stuck our thumb out to hitch a ride on a truck hauling sugarcane. By the time we reached the highway, the cab of the truck was already standing room cab only. Thank you sugarcane-truck driver for saving us from having to walk under the heat of the sun.

2012. I joined some officemates for a hike at Babag. They were hares, I was a turtle. Thankfully, this turtle did reach the goal. On our hike down to the highway, I, again, was the turtle. But this turtle kept his ears open and when he heard a truck approaching, he turned around to hitch a ride. And overtook his hare-officemates. His hare-officemates laughed and ran as they caught up to join him in the back of the truck. Thank you truck driver for saving our weary legs!

2014. I found no motorcycles for hire at the parking area of Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan. I sat under a tree debating whether to walk to the highway (it was a little after noon and it was scorching) or to wait and hope for a habalhabal to arrive. While the debate went on in my head, I saw a shiny white van slowly move out of the parking area. I quickly walked towards it to ask for a ride to the highway. Thank you Mr Teban for letting me hop in your shiny van with the AC on at a cool and comfortable temperature.

2015. It was drizzling when my friends and I turned to leave Manunggal. We were still 5 or 6 kilometers to the highway. I let my friends go ahead. I slowed my pace and strained my ears for any hint of a vehicle approaching. Eventually, an open bed truck did come and it was rolling along slowly because of the very bad road condition. I asked the driver where he was going and it turned out he was headed to Balamban. Perfect, that's where we were headed, too! I asked if we could hitch a ride and he answered in the affirmative. I called to my friends to come back and pile in. And we were on our way! Thank you! Woohoo!

2016. My friends and I had just arrived at the Cebu pier from our weekend in Pamilacan Island in Bohol. It was night time and I was trying to think of the fastest and safest way to get home. I saw an army truck waiting outside and three army guys were talking to some of their friends and helping them up the back of the truck. I asked where they were going (Lahug) and because I am a cheap ass, I asked to hitch a ride (though it was not the most direct route home, I figured I'd be safer). Thank you, army people!

2017. Along the highway in Oslob, Hitomi, a Japanese Couchsurfer, and I were waiting for the bus. Hitomi would wave at passing cars. I was surprised when one pick-up truck slowed to a stop. He thought we wanted to hitch a ride. That's how we got a free ride back to Cebu City. Thank you Hitomi for waving, and thank you kind sir for letting us get a free and faster ride!

Yes, there is still kindness in this world! (But of course, we all have to be on our toes and not let our guard down.)

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