Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Coron Island Escapade Tour

Though it's my third time in Coron,  I have never done the Coron Island Escapade Tour. The first time I was in Coron, in 2009, the day we decided to do to Coron Island Escapade Tour, the weather wasn't cooperating and no boats were allowed to sail. My second visit, in 2012, was too short and we could only do the Coron Ultimate Tour. For this trip, I demanded we reserve one day for this! Yes, demanded! I could not miss it the third time!!!

The long boat ride (1.5 hours) to these islands was worth it. The first stop was Malcapuya Island. We docked our boat on the back side of the island and made the short walk to the opposite side where the long stretch of white sand of Malcapuya and different shades of blue of the sea and sky made me want to stop time.

What's there to do in Malcapuya Island? The guide said there is a snorkeling area but I did not dare go as it looked too far and the waves a bit strong. My friends and I just settled under the shade of coconut trees (some took a nap in a hut), and after a bit heeded the call of the sea for a swim, while waiting for the guides to prepare lunch.

Malcapuya Island

The next stop, just a 10-minute boat ride from Malcapuya Island, was Banana Island, named so not because there were lots of banana trees (there were none) but because of the shape of the island. People were scattered under coconut trees and huts, some on hammocks, some cooling off in the sea, others busy floating face down looking at fish in the snorkeling area. (Tip: If you plan to go snorkeling in Banana Island, bring aqua shoes. The rocks along the shore of the snorkeling area are torture to bare feet.)

Banana Island

Another 10-minute boatride and we were in Bulog Dos, the third and last stop for the Coron Island Escapade Tour. My friends and I settled in the shallow water by the sandbar and just soaked without a care in the world for the duration of the stay.

Bulog Dos

Private tour or Join In tour? We knew the islands to be visited in the Coron Island Escapade Tour would be a ways away (1.5 hours by boat) and would be an expensive private tour, thus we decided to sign up for a join-in tour for Php1200 per person inclusive of boat, guides, lifejackets, lunch, and entrance fees. (Separate fee of Php 150 for snorkel and mask.)

Where did we book our join-in Coron Island Escapade Tour?
JY Travel and Tours
19 Real Street, Coron, Palawan

Would I recommend this tour operator? Yes. The guides are enthusiastic and the tour leaves on time.

Any downside with a join-in tour? The itinerary is fixed and you cannot dictate how long you want to stay on each island. You'll just have to make the most of the time allotted by the guide for each island. But, private or join-in tour, the time to head back to the town of Coron is strictly followed as the Coast Guard is very strict.

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