Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Guest Post: Best Places in the United States to Travel with Your Family

This is a guest post by Danny, a young dad and a blogger who loves writing about parenting topics over at his blog MyParentingJournal.com.

Every family looks forward to enjoying a relaxing vacation in a lively destination surrounded by a cool breeze and a beautiful environment. When looking for a family vacation destination, there are several factors you should consider. These include an amusement park, zoo, beaches, museums and water parks among other factors. These are some of the best places to visit in the US with your family.

Kauai, Hawaii
Hawaii is generally a great place for vacationing and there are lots of cities, beaches, and towns to visit. However, Kauai is one of the top places to visit in Hawaii for its beautiful weather, fewer crowds, and affordability. The city has magical blue waters and clear skies cast in the horizon that provide an amazing sight to see especially when sailing out in the sea. There is an abundant number of condo rentals that are family friendly and affordable too. There are lifeguarded beaches, family oriented activities, and short driving distances to and from destinations. While in Kauai with your family, go for zip-lining activities in the jungle or enjoy a relaxing bike ride along coastal paths all over the city.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is an incredibly inspiring site to visit with your family. While in this destination, there are lots of activities you can engage in. The Rim Trail in the Canyon is one of the best and most lively sights to visit and see while in the Grand Canyon. The only thing to note about visiting the Grand Canyon during summer and spring is that you need to book your accommodation in advance. This is because there are lots of people who visit this place around these months, thereby making last minute accommodation booking quite hard.

Myrtle Beach, Carolina
Myrtle Beach is an impressive 60-mile beach stretch characterized by family-friendly vacation spots, and budget-friendly rentals. The beach prides itself in having amazing bodysurfing waters, a carnival-like atmosphere, and a mile-long promenade that you can walk your kids or pets along. There are amazing waterslides, water parks, and amusement parks. Just like the Grand Canyon, it is good to plan ahead for your visit as during summer, there are thousands of people who visit the beach around this time.

Washington D.C.
If you have ever wished to take your family to the power seat of the U.S, then Washington D.C. is the best place to visit for a family vacation. The best thing about Washington is that most museums and top attraction sites like the White House are free to visit. Some of the popular monuments that you can visit while in D.C. for a family vacation include the Lincoln Memorial, the National (World War II) Memorial, and other monuments. If you want to save on your accommodation costs while in the D.C, you can book early or opt for alternative accommodation in Arlington, Virginia.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks in North Carolina are yet other beautiful destinations to visit as a family. Found along the state’s shores, these banks draw a lot of families from all over the country as well as across the globe. While in North Carolina, make sure you visit other attraction sites like Wright Brothers (National) Memorial. You can bring your pets along too and book a pet-friendly accommodation facility to stay in during your vacation.

Honolulu, Oahu
Honolulu is famed for its beautiful and child-friendly beaches that are not only attractive to children but adults as well. There are lots of activities that children can engage in in Honolulu including swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and visiting the Hawaiian Adventure Park. The best thing about Honolulu is that there are very many hotels set along the shores and in close proximity to key attraction sites. This negates the need for seeking transport means while in Honolulu for a family vacation. Most of the attraction sites and amazing sights in this destination are known for their timeless appeal. There is a slew of theme parks, adventure parks, and other children-friendly sites spread all over the island.

Wrapping up
Generally, when looking for the best place to visit with your family, you need to look at more than what the kids will enjoy. You should also consider your interests as well as those of your spouse too. In addition to this, you should also consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on the vacation. This will make it possible for you to cut cost where necessary and focus on having an enjoyable vacation.

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