Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wisdom from the Road #45

On laundry

Ahh what a fun day at the beach! And I still have a day or two of lazy beach days to go before I go home. But two more days to let my saltwater–drenched swimming clothes ferment into a stink bomb? No way do I want to lug a bagful of clothes that smell like dead sea creatures. But I am too lazy to do laundry right now. What to do? Wash 'em in fresh water and hang under the sun to dry. (The stinkiness will be less potent.) Proper washing (with laundry soap!) will have to wait til I get back home.

(In short, after swimming in the sea, wash your swimming outfit in fresh water then hang to dry. Just so it wouldn't stink so much as you procrastinate with doing laundry.)

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