Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wisdom from the Road #33

On layovers
Layovers can be a bore.
But take this as an opportunity to:
* catch up on your reading
* recharge by sleeping
* get a massage
* make a new friend

Catch up on your reading

Bring a smartphone or tablet loaded with an ebook or two or a whole library of ebooks. Just make sure your gadget is fully charged or that you have your charger or powerbank with the right cable for your gadget. Or, if you're old school like me, a book. But be sure you don't get too caught up in the story that you miss your flight.

If you have a smartphone and there's WiFi, you can also check emails and do some work, but I do not recommend this if you're on vacation!!!

Recharge by sleeping

If you're a professional sleeper, then you can probably catch some Zzzzs in any position anywhere. If you have to sleep in a horizontal position on chairs, don't occupy too many seats please! During peak times, please take just one chair and sleep in a sitting position!!! Don't be a hog taking three extra seats plus one more seat for your bag. If I see you do that, I will sit on you!

If you can only sleep on a bed or a soft and comfortable chaise lounge, you might have to shell out some money to stay in an airport hotel or lounge (if the airport you are in has one). Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 has The Wings Transit Lounge on the 4th floor. It would cost Php500 for a 4–hour lounge stay with a very light meal.

But be sure you don't sleep too deep that you miss your flight.

Get a massage

Some airports have spas or, in the case of small domestic airports in the Philippines, stalls offering massage. But be sure to check the price first...sometimes prices can be high.

Make a new friend

If you don't like reading books, are not sleepy, or don't have money for a massage, how about talking to the person next to you? But before striking a conversation, check that he or she is not reading a book or sleeping!

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  1. Nice one, Mustachio! We usually pass the time by making new friends.

    We usually don't 1) bring books coz they weigh a lot, 1A) turn on gadgets because they distract us, 2) sleep because we're afraid we might miss the flight or bus, and 3) get a massage at airports because they cost a lot.

    1. Hello Team Sweetie! I am a bookworm so I must have a book (a thin paperback) with me. I sleep only when I really really have to (i.e. having been awake for almost 24 hours), but I usually can't sleep anyway. Massage—a tip I haven't done myself, because, yes, it's expensive! Hehehe :D

  2. I realize lately that I can enjoy or make the most out of a layover if I have some form of sleep beforehand. Or maybe my real age is beginning to catch up on me already.

    1. Bren, what is your real and your imaginary age? Hehehe