Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sora Not Sorry

Nope, definitely not sorry. The only one who is sorry is Ramen Sora, for giving me, mister fake food blogger—I could eat a ton but could not properly describe what I am eating—a 500–peso gift cheque, which I, of course, happily used to "buy" a bowl of shoyu ramen (Php 285), tokutarou gyoza (Php 175 for 5 pcs), and edamame (Php 85).

Edamame (left) and Tokutarou Gyoza (right)

So I will be quick with this post. As quick as the time it took to consume my bowl of shoyu (soy based) ramen and eat the edamame, leaving just the pods (and some beans) for my two companions. But I don't think my two companions minded my leaving them with just the pods (and a few beans), for one was busy wrestling with his chopsticks in an attempt to eat his corn butter shio (salt based) ramen (Php 295) and the other was busy examining his deluxe Sora ramen (Php 365) and constructing descriptive sentences (for his blog) in his head.


I liked my shoyu ramen. My friends could tell from the sprinkle of shoyu on their faces as I speedily slurped my bowl clean (they were barely halfway by then). The chashu (pork) was so tender, it melted in my mouth and made me wish I had ordered the pork chashu shoyu ramen (same as shoyu ramen but with more chashu) instead. And I was right to choose shoyu as the base—it had more flavor (in my very poor opinion) than the shio. Oh, and the edamame? Best eaten warm.

Lightsite Parc, AS Fortuna St,
Mandaue City, Cebu
(032) 520 3331
Daily 10AM to 12MN
Photo from Ramen Sora's website

There you have it. My quick and unprofessional opinion. May this little blogpost compel you to try Ramen Sora too. But please don't eat ramen like me: like you haven't eaten for days. Or, yes, please do eat like me: with loud slurping sounds—it is only polite to do so (when eating ramen).

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