Tuesday, February 17, 2015

People's Park in the Sky

The quest for the Starbucks in Tagaytay with a view of Taal ended when my friend reluctantly waved his imaginary white flag. We settled instead for a view of Taal without the overpriced coffee: People's Park in the Sky.

People's Park reminded me of Ligñon Hill in Albay—from the entrance to the viewdeck, it was all uphill. But the park was clearly going downhill and has been for quite some time: the People's Park Hollywood–style sign read "  O       N THE S  " (Can I buy a vowel?) and what once was white was now a moldy green, the railings have been eaten by rust, lamp posts didn't have bulbs, the unfinished house was crumbling, and everywhere the paint was peeling. But what the facility lacked in upkeep, it made up with the view it afforded.

View from the park: Tagaytay, Taal Lake, Volcano Island, and Batangas (across the lake)

A fraction of the price of a Starbucks coffee:
Jeep to People's Park Php 17
People's Park entrance fee Php 30
Jeep from park entrance to viewdeck Php 5

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  1. Very beautiful view, Mustachio! I've never been to Taal although Sheila was able to visit there before we became partners. This, along with climbing Taal Volcano, should be in our bucket list. :)

    1. When in Batangas, I suggest you also visit Taal Town :) What else is in your bucket list?

  2. Ah, daghan pa. After Taal, we're going to Batangas to dive then to Pico de Loro. We'll check out Taal town. :)

    1. Nice! Great adventures to look forward to. Enjoy your trip. And I wait for your blogpost :)