Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wisdom from the Road #17

On Mr. Sun #1
When Mr. Sun is out, he is happy and bright.
Don't be fooled when he is hiding behind clouds.
Even then, he is smiling gleefully at us.
Mr. Sun is your friend, but Mr. Sunblock is your best friend.
Remember Mr. Sunblock.

Mr. Sun has fooled me many times. I think 'oh, he's not here today, I will go for a hike.' At the end of the day, I am as red as a lobster and I have a built–in white outfit: shirt, shorts, and socks. I am sorry for taking my best friend, Mr Sunblock, for granted. I must remember to invite Mr Sunblock along on hikes and swims next time.

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  1. Cute ng drawing ni Mustachio! weird no, mangingitim ka even cloudy, tho in my case, nagingitim pa rin ako kahit may sun block :(

    1. Thank you Mariane! Yeah, I still turn a few shades darker, but no more sunburn, thanks to Mr Sunblock! :D