Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wisdom from the Road #13

On ignorance
Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Had I known about the bus that plunged in the deep ravines of the mountains of Surigao del Sur a day before we traveled the same road (this piece of news from the owner of Spacebar Beach Resort, and according to him, there have been a number of accidents in the past, too), I would have taken the long way round: Surigao City–Butuan–Bislig–Cagwait. I am a scaredy cat like that. But because I did not know about it, I took the road from Surigao City down to Surigao del Sur on the dusty roads through mountains, and I got to my destination faster and, luckily, in one piece (thank you God and thank you Mr Driver sir). Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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  1. My colleague also realized after traveling to Marawi via the Narciso Ramos Highway. It is something that even I could not dare (for the time being that is...) but he managed to pull off because he did not know...

    Baktin Corporation

  2. me and my blondness could save the day... hahaha