Friday, December 20, 2013

Maitre Chocolatier: Heaven and Hell

When my eyes see something tempting, but my pocket sees that something as expensive, my pocket squeezes itself tight to shut out my reckless fingers and I have to walk away with nothing but drool dripping from my mouth. The exact effect of Maitre Chocolatier on me.

When a friend whose big fat sweet tooth draws him to Maitre Chocolatier with me and three more friends as accidental companions, I try and steer him away from the dreaded pocket no avail. His big fat sweet tooth is waayy fatter and stronger than me.

Big fat sweet tooth drags us straight to Maitre Chocolatier's cake display. Everything looks deliciously similar—all smothered in chocolate. We go for the Chocolate Scones with whipped cream, raspberry jam, and nutella spread; a Nutella mousse cake called Angel's Confection; a Lindt dark chocolate mousse cake called Sweet Ebony; Frey White Chocolate Crepe with fruits; and their bestseller, Golden Euphoria (described as "Ferrero hazelnut crunch cake").

Chocolate scones (left) and Angel's Confection (right)

From left to right: Sweet Ebony, Frey White Chocolate Crepe, Golden Euphoria

Everything is superb (says the very biased chocolate lover—me). But, ahhh, the cakes of Maitre Chocolatier (especially Angel's Confection and Golden Euphoria) are heaven and hell. Heaven to the taste buds. Hell on the wallet.

Maitre Chocolatier
101, Level 1, The Terraces Ayala Cebu,
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
(032) 238 7116
Daily 11AM to 11PM

With branches in Manila and Davao.

Oh how our stomachs rejoiced while our pockets suffered:
Chocolate Scones Php 150
Angel's Confection Php 176
Sweet Ebony Php 182
Frey White Chocolate Crepe Php 185
Golden Euphoria Php 218


  1. HAHAHAAH! I am loving the title! I need free invites to try that Lindt Dark Chocolate, that afterall is my favorite chocolate.

    1. Treat yourself there. Lami gyud ang cakes. I love Nutella spread and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and na taste gyud nako ni sa ila nutella and ferrero cakes hahaha

  2. I found another yummy chocolate cake today that makes you forget your name... I'll drag you again there some time... ;)

  3. Waaaahhhhh I love this place. I will visit them again...soon!

    1. Lami ba ilang food? I heard bati daw.... We only tried the above.

    2. Hmmm that's what you've heard...have you tasted it aside from hearing? hahahaha di man gud ka magpakita oi, manglibre unta ko. :-P

  4. I love this place because this is the only place I can get decent fresh fruit tartlets. :))

    I've also tried their food like the pesto chicken pasta with white chico sauce and roast beef sandwich w/ dark chocolate and they weren't bad at all. Sulit sad for the price, can be shared by two. :)

    Merry Christmas, Mustachio!

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Thanks Justinne! I shall try those next time my wallet gets fat :D Merry Christmas!