Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday 1PM at Sunday 2PM

Photo by: H. Ersando
It is Sunday, 1PM and I am at Sunday 2PM, a mini book cafe tucked in the corner of Sarrosa Hotel.

Sunday 2PM Cafe
Sarrosa Hotel, Mabolo, Cebu City
(032) 520 5174
Monday to Saturday 10AM to 11PM
Sunday 2PM to 11PM

I have been summoned to tag along to act as a PA or Personal Assistant PE or Props Eater for a photoshoot (tigkaon sa mga props paghoman sa photoshoot).

The cafe opens at 2PM on a Sunday, but our six–man team was in the cafe an hour before opening time. The owner was kind enough to open the cafe early (the bride–to–be asked permission thru phone a few days in advance).

While the couple was busy making lovey–dovey poses in the corner of this small cafe (it can only sit 19 people—I counted the chairs, not including the two kiddie chairs stacked near the refrigerator), I got busy...

...studying the menu (food and drinks go from Php80 to Php120)
Photo by H Ersando

...admiring the cakes in the display case (brownies for Php 85 and cakes for Php120)

...looking at the thousands of Post–It notes covering the walls and shelves

...peering at the tiny faces on the Instax photos hoping to see familiar faces
Photo by H. Ersando

...inspecting the knickknacks

...reading the title on every bookspine on the shelves
(the books can be borrowed for a week, you just need to deposit 
Php200 for English books or Php400 for Korean books)
Photo by H Ersando

...drawing a self portrait on a Post–It note
Photo by H Ersando

...and getting my picture taken for Sunday 2PM's facebook page. Ha! Just kidding.
The cafe has a photobooth by the counter. Photos taken at the booth will be automatically uploaded to Sunday 2PM's facebook page.

L–R: Pink lemonade slush (Php120), blue lemonade (Php100), chocolate sin mousse (Php120)

The time came to wrap up the shoot and do my duty: consume the props. First in line: pink lemonade slush. The first word that registered upon first sip: sweet. Second: Cold. This icy cold and very sweet drink is an excellent drink to have on a very hot day.

Drink number two: blue lemonade. This, compared to the pink lemonade, wasn't too sweet. If I had tried this before the pink one, I'm not certain I'd have the same opinion. It could just be the pink sugar being stuck to my tongue.

The Chocolate Sin mousse was put in a take out box for later consumption. Later consumption came. Moist, triple chocolate, sinfully sugary, this cake is meant to be shared. But not meant to be paired with either of the two colored drinks I had mentioned. Sweet and sweet make a deathly diabetic combination.

Because of the tininess of the cafe, each person who chooses to stay in the cafe is required to have one order. So why just three for the six-man team? Sorry, Sunday 2PM, but I honestly didn't know this rule. Thank you though for not kicking three of us out. And a big thank you to the couple for letting me eat the props! :D


  1. la pa gyud ko ka anhi.. duol ra kaayu sa office..

    1. Your sweet tooth might like the chocolate sin mousse :D Give it a try.

  2. I will definitely visit this place one of these days...I swear! Hahahaha Thanks for posting this. The chocolate sin mousse looks delicious.

    1. Hi Fred! Bring a date. The chocolate sin mousse is meant to be shared. :)

    2. Would you like to go out with me before I leave? hahahaha I can consume the chocolate sin mousse on my own. =)

      The Exaggerated Zeal

    3. You can finish the cake on your own? Then you don't need a date heheh Leave? Asa ka padulong? :D

  3. hmm. this one is like a small version of cafe noriter yes?

    1. Hi Zhequia! Never been to Cafe Noriter but I have seen photos of the cafe. If you meant the layout, nope, this is different. This is post-it corner hahah :D Sunday 2PM is very very small.