Monday, July 1, 2013

Wisdom from the Road #5

On kindness
Do not refuse a kindness.

Alex, a local we met in Siargao, offered to look for a motorcycle to take us back to where we were staying. We didn't want to take more of his time, and so declined, thanked him, and bid farewell. We figured we'd just walk the 2.5 kilometers. Less than a kilometer of walking, we realized it was getting dark and we didn't have a flashlight with us. There were no street lamps. We slapped our foreheads and headed back where we came from to look from a motorcycle. We should have just accepted Alex's kindness.

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  1. Kasi minsan mahirap din kasi magtiwala .. May mga trycle driver na pinipresyuhan ka ng mtaas .. Pero lesson learned ... Ndi din pedi li magduda para sa akin haha..

    1. Hi Kulapitot. That is true. 'Wisdom from the road #3 On honesty' is somewhat similar to what you're saying. I guess we just have to do our research beforehand (to avoid getting overcharged!) or learn to know who to trust (and how!) :-)