Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Yum Yum Baboy

Having read about Yum Yum Baboy in FTW! Food, Travel and Whatevs twice, I knew I just had to try this place. When the craving for kimchi struck, off to Yum Yum Baboy I go!

Yum Yum Baboy is located in SSY Biz Center along Salinas Drive in Lahug. It's on the corner, just before the road leading to Camp Lapulapu. Bad with creating mental pictures? Here's a map taken from their facebook page:

Yum Yum Baboy's specialty, according to the big old sign out front, is their pork belly or samgyeopsal. I love samgyeopsal, I order one even before I had taken a seat. The restaurant is quite small, with just four tables of four. Not sure if there are more tables on the second floor, my pig out buddy says it's just the kitchen and the washroom.

This is as wide as my camera would go

 Handy dandy menu

As good old Korean restaurants go, there's always the unlimited banchan (side dish) to start off your meal. And one of the banchan is always kimchi. My buddy and I liked all of their side dishes, but most especially the pancake and the kimchi (we had three servings of pancake and two of kimchi, chompy chomp chomp!).

 Unlimited banchan

With the one order of samgyeopsal (hey, this is too little for two hungry people!), we also had bibimbap. The bibimbap is served with sunny side up egg that you can throw into your bowl of bibimbap and mix it along with everything, and a bowl of hot egg soup. The egg soup was good and the bibimbap was okay. By okay I mean Topokki Man's bibimbap is yummier.

Bibimbap with sunny side up egg and a bowl of egg soup

You can grill your own samgyeopsal or have one of their staff grill it for you. Because we were feeling lazy (and hungry), we gladly accepted the staff's offer to do the grilling. While she grilled the pork, we concentrated on stuffing our cheeks with the banchan.

Thank you for doing the grilling

Tofu miso soup that comes with an order of samgyeopsal

Aside from the fact that their samgyeopsal is cheaper than Pearl Meat Shop's (okay, just by Php 10), another plus is that their pork belly is bone-free (Pearl Meat Shop's belly strips had bits of it). Plus points also for their variety of banchan and that their bibimbap is available always (Pearl Meat Shop only has bibimbap available during lunch).

Yum Yum Baboy also offers rice meals, soups, noodles, and for your companions who aren't into Korean food, they have chopsuey, linat-ang baboy, sinigang, sisig, pork menudo, and pork adobo. Oh, a cup of rice is only Php 28 (vs Php 50 per cup at Pearl. Sorry Pearl, Yum Yum Baboy wins).

Click to study their menu

On top of all those good things I have for Yum Yum Baboy, let me add that their staff is very helpful and that they have ample parking space. There goes all my praises.

Yum Yum Baboy
SSY Biz Center, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
(032) 266 8390
Mon - Sat 11AM - 3PM / 5PM - 12AM

How this yum yum experience made Mustachio a baboy:
Samgyeopsal Php 150
Bibimbap Php 150


  1. good thing you were finally able to visit yumyum baboy. thumbs up to friendly staffs and affordable meals. :D

  2. Oh no! And we are going there tonight.
    So, that will be your (thinking..hhmmm) nth time? hahah!

    Finally, I'd be able to eat here after hearing almost everyday their radio advert. :D

  3. Took you awhile, was it worth the wait? Thanks for the mention. ♥

  4. Finally got to try it last Saturday and just found this post now! Hahaha. I also ordered THE samgyeopsal. Had fun and yes, was delighted that their rice is cheaper than Pearl's! LOL. What's the Korean equivalent for "yakiniku" by the way? It's my new addiction. I still think Pearl is yummier! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. According to wiki, it's gogigui hehehe :D Karon ra sad ko nag search coz you asked haha :D Lami ra sila duha for me hehehe