Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brown Cup Breakfast

More often than not, I eat breakfast at home, but on the occasion that I feel like having a breakfast date, The Brown Cup takes my money.

Inside the cafe at Skyrise, IT Park

I have the bacon and eggs (scrambled please!) with waffles and iced tea. The waffles are soft and fluffy, just the way I like it. My date gets the ham and eggs (sunny side up please!) with pancakes and coffee. The ham doesn't look at all appetizing but it's okay; it tastes like what a ham should taste like. If you like bread, you can request for french toast instead of pancakes or waffles.

Bacon and eggs with waffles and Ham and eggs with pancakes

One thing we noticed though, the bacon doesn't look as perfect as when we first ate here (in 2011). And the waffle that time was more brown and toasty. Maybe they have a new cook?

In 2011 I had the same thing

Their breakfast meals come with coffee or iced tea. When neither suits you, you can request for hot choco for an additional Php 20.

Shouldn't the cup be brown?

Five hours after, it is time for lunch, but I am still full from this breakfast. The Brown Cup also offers rice meals, pasta, and sandwiches. I recommend their pesto buttered pork chop (Php 95), a friend's favorite. Their rice meals come with iced tea. Warning: The Brown Cup at IT Park can get very busy at lunch on weekdays, either get there early (around 11AM) or be prepared to spend at least 15 minutes waiting for your food.

Food menu. Click to enlarge.

 Pesto buttered pork chop

Of course, being a cafe, it does have a selection of coffee, tea, smoothies, cookies, brownies, and cakes. When craving for something sweet but low on moolah, I get their choco chunk (Php 18) and choco oatmeal (Php 15) cookies.

The Brown Cup
Skyrise 1, Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
(032) 415 8483

Monday - Friday 24 hours
Saturday closes at 2AM
Sunday 6AM - 1PM

Other branches:
St Patrick Square
Redemptorist Road cor. Don Ramon Aboitiz St.
(Behind Redemptorist Church and St Theresa's College)
(032) 256 0900 / (032) 412 6352

Rosedale Center
Gov M Cuence Ave, Talamban, Cebu City
(Beside Doña Rita Village)
0922 932 8588

How The Brown Cup breakfast burrowed thru Mustachio's pocket:
Bacon and eggs breakfast meal Php 110
Ham and eggs breakfast meal Php 110


  1. Nice! This is a delightful discovery for me through your post. Now I have an idea for the perfect place for a breakfast date. You're awesome! :D

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. Come to think of it, it's just a simple breakfast one can make at home. It's just that I am too lazy (and don't have a waffle maker) to make it myself :-) Another place where I enjoyed breakfast was at Seattle's Best, they have some hefty offerings (I think could last me til dinner). You might want to check them out too. But, be warned, they are a bit expensive. Downside: no waffles, just pancakes or toast.

  2. Brown Cup is also available on top of Qualfon building. If I had the time to spend 15 minutes on my food, I would head there to satisfy my bacon craving. :P

    1. Really? Is it for Qualfon employees only?

    2. I think so. The bacon with egg with rice meal is only Php50 there. You also get a glass of iced tea along with it. :P

  3. Pancakes!!! Reading your post makes me realize I forgot having my breakfast today. :)

  4. Ever since I've stumbled on this post, I've been dragging my friends for breakfast meets at Brown cup! I just forgot the detail about getting the drink upgraded to hot choco. hmph. Anyway, thanks much Mustachio! :D

  5. And I love their caramel macchiato. Granted, it's no Starbucks, but you can ask for extra caramel - and for P95 only! xx