Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Shores of Esperanza

Mustachio's big breakfast at the port

Aboard the Super Shuttle Ferry...a two-hour ride that stretched to three 

The reward after an hour on the road and three hours at sea: Bakhaw Beach 

Guarding the packs while deciding whether...

to tent...

...or to rent?

No eateries on this part of the island, but Mustachio came prepared! 

This is dinner. 

Reconnoitering up a tree

 The bench press behind the cottages of Keshe

Relaxing in the open cottage

Shall we go boating?

Or would you prefer swimming? 

Exploring the other corners of Esperanza

Mustachio's secret castle

On a lantay by the beach 

Chillin' on a coconut on another beach in Esperanza

Where does one sleep when stranded in Camotes with limited funds?

In the Bible Baptist Chapel. Indeed, Jesus saves.
Where the heck is Esperanza? Northwest of Pacijan Island. Pacijan Island is one of the four islands of Camotes, the other three being Poro, Tulang, and Ponson.

What's at Esperanza? Bakhaw beach and more beaches I don't know the names of.

And Bakhaw beach? Perfect place for pitching a tent. But if camping isn't your thing, there are two places to sleep in: Borromeo's Bahay Bakasyonan [0999 703 5704] and Keshe Resort [0929 892 5792]. Both rent out rooms/cottages for Php 1200 a night. There are a few small stalls at the end of the beach selling drinks and junk food. No restaurants 'round here but you can ask the caretaker of the resort to prepare meals. Ask them hours ahead as they still have to go to the town to buy ingredients.

What's there to do at Bakhaw Beach? Relax. Swim. Snooze. Explore.

Be prepared. The journey across the sea to the islands of Camotes is often bumpy. Don't forget your medicine and your barf bag. There are no ATMs at Pacijan Island so bring extra moolah in case you get stranded. 

If you do get stranded...good luck. 

How this trip bore a hole thru Mustachio's pocket:
Jeepney from hiway Mandaue to Danao Port Php 25
Super Shuttle Ferry to Consuelo (Pacijan Island) Php 180
Danao Port terminal fee Php 5
Big breakfast at Danao Port Php 62
Jeepney from Consuelo Port to Bakhaw Beach Php 100
Cottage at Keshe Resort Php 800 (from Php 1200. Haggle haggle haggle!)
Habalhabal from Bakhaw Beach to Consuelo Port Php 100
MV Jomalia from Consuelo to Danao Php 180
Minibus from Danao to Mandaue Php 25


  1. I love your style of travel writing! :)

  2. oooohh.. your blog is lubss. ♥
    i so love how you write your adventures and the wit in the photos. i keep on smiling while scrolling yer bloggie. *givin' kudos to yer brainy brain. (y)

    1. Hi Elie! Your comment made me day! Thank you very much! But my brainy brain seems to have gone on permanent vacation. I am too lazy to write nowadays! :-(

  3. Hey Mustachio,
    I was in Camotes islands for the first leg of my ambitious Phil travel and Vinta kept me there for days.LOL. So now im trying to write about my trip and realized i didn't have a picture of that ''Esperanza - A place called hope'' street sign which was really pretty.

    Love your blog..hope you get off the block and start writing again!

    1. Hi gracey gabriel! Whoa! How many days did you have to extend you stay in Camotes? I haven't seen that Esperanza sign...maybe it wasn't here 7 years ago :-( What's your blog URL? I wanna read about your trip!

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I really should get out of this slump and resurrect this blog! X-[