Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wisdom from the Road #50

On forgiving and forgetting
Forgive and forget.
But if there's nothing to forgive, don't forget.

Forgive. If your itinerary goes all awry, forgive yourself or whoever or whatever caused it. Go to Plan B. If there's no Plan B, smile, wing it, and just make the most of the situation.

Forget. Or rather, when you travel DO NOT FORGET to...
  • bring your underwear. My little piggy friend forgot to bring his undies when he traveled to Myanmar for a week! Haha! Or maybe he did that on purpose. Must have been very airy down there in the scorching, dusty lands of Bagan!
  • keep your passport with you at all times, else you undergo horrifying minutes that could feel like hours like Brennan of The Weekend Dispatch experienced when he traveled in India.
  • bring your memory card and/or extras (if you're using a camera). When we were in Sabtang Island (Batanes), a fellow tourist approached us begging to borrow an extra memory card because he had forgotten to bring his!
  • turn off your MP3 player (or whatever gadget) after using. Or if you do forget and it drains the battery, I hope you did not forget to bring your charger.
  • have an open mind. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy your trip!

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  1. I've been having nightmares (char nightmare jd) of going on a trip WITHOUT my camera (kay malimot jd daw ko)! Hahaha. Funny how I feel that a camera is a NECESSITY na jd if I travel. XD Back in the days, I don't even bother taking pictures basta importante malingaw lng jd ko.
    Karon kai sayang pd if walai remembrance. XD

    1. Sakto! Should not forget the camera sad diay (if you're somebody who likes freezing memories through photos...kay naa sad koy mga kaila na di ra sad gyud mo take ug pics). I guess I take photos for the blog and not really for myself. Usahay I find myself just enjoying the moment and I forget to take photos..nya magmahay dayon ko later on ngano wala ni take ug photos hahahaha :D