Monday, May 7, 2018

Free Upgrade on GPSmyCity

The GPSmyCity team has gathered thousands of travel articles and city guides written by travelers like you and me and have put all these travel information in one app. With the GPSmyCity app installed on your smartphone, whether iOS or Android, you have the world on the palm of your hand.

The GPSmyCity app can be used offline, therefore, you can read the articles and use the guides without the need to be on roaming or renting a pocket WiFi or data SIM. You can go on a tour at your own pace. By accessing (for a minimal upgrade fee) the GPS-aided map, the places mentioned in the guide will be pinned on the map, tour routes will be displayed, and turn-by-turn directions between places will be provided. No need for paper maps!

Some of my blogposts have been published in the GPSmyCity app and five more have been chosen by the GPSmyCity Team for publishing:
To celebrate the release of my new articles on GPSmyCity, the upgrade (to access its GPS-aided map) to Going to, Sleeping in, and Eating in Koyasan and Nara: Sleep, Eat, and Explore Nara City article apps will be given away for FREE from May 7 to May 13, 2018! Please click on the link and try it out! (If you haven't already downloaded and installed the GPSmyCity app, it will prompt you to do so.)

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