Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wisdom from the Road #6

On little things
Sometimes something so little can be of big importance.

Take for example a safety pin.
It can be very useful when riding a bus and the angry sun is pouring in through the large windows.

Useful in that it can be used to keep the curtains from letting rays of sunlight peek through.
I've added this tiny tool in my travel kit ever since.

What uncanny gadget has helped you on your travel lately?

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  1. Hilarious Mustachio! I would have to say I bring a handful of empty supermarket plastic bags whenever I travel. It can be used for anything: should your seatmate feel the need to vomit - offer the plastic bag instead. You can use it as extra baggage for those unexpected expenses and the lack of bag space can be such a drag. Lastly, which has been a favorite use of mine would be to use the bag as a gadget protector in cases when you need to ride a boat after your bus ride. Works more than what I even stated. :D

    1. I do bring one or two, too. For my dirty clothes hehehe

  2. Hi Mustachio, I love the drawing! This is so nice and funny. By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. I hope you find time to check my post. Thanks!