Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Do You Get to Calanggaman?

Just to give you an idea of the costs and travel time...

Starting point for below options is Cebu and prices are as of May 2011:

Via Bogo City, Cebu
Bus from Cebu to Bogo* 2.5 hours Php 120
In Bogo, take a tricycle to Nailon 15 mins Php 8
20 cap. Pumpboat from Nailon to Calanggaman 2 hours Php 6000
* Ceres buses bound for Bogo leave every 30 minutes.

Via Maya, Daanbantayan, Cebu
Bus from Cebu to Maya* 3.5 hours Php 163
26 cap. Pumpboat from Maya to Calanggaman 1.5 hours Php 5000
* Ceres buses bound for Maya leave every 30 minutes. All nonAC.
** If you're in Malapascua Island, you can also rent a pumpboat to take you to Calanggaman.

Via Palompon, Leyte
Boat from Cebu to Palompon* 5-6 hours Php 250
20 cap. Pumpboat from Palompon to Calanggaman 45 mins Php 3500
* Cokaliong schedule and rates here.

Of course you can probably get a lower price for the pumpboats, depending on your haggling skills :-) Or you can also opt to look for a smaller boat if the group is small. But I would recommend a big sturdy one as the waters around Calanggaman are normally choppy.

If you'd like to contact Palompon Tourism for questions about the island, fees, table rentals, etc, you may reach them thru the following numbers 0905 856 2086 / (053) 555 9010 / (053) 3382094.

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